Banquet Video

last updated on 11/5/2013

2013 Spud Speedway banquet video can be found on youtube. Address is http://youtu.be/U1y9O9_hDAM

Rules Meeting

last updated on 10/27/2013

We will be having the rules meeting on Sunday, November 10th at Haney's Building Specialties in Caribou with the following schedule: 12-1 Northern Lights 1:10-2:10 Fast Fours 2:20-3:20 Street Stocks 3:30-4:30 Outlaw Sportsman The address is 236 Van Buren Road, 2 places past Cary Medical Center on the left. We hope to see anyone interested in racing at these meetings.

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Spud Speedway Upcoming Events

Thursday June 12th Time 6PM
Spud Speedway

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Saturday June 28th 7pm
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Thursday July 3rd 7pm
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Thursday July 10th 7 pm
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