Griffeth Ford Will Lead Every Race in 2013

last updated on 4/11/2013

It's offical Griffeth Ford Lincoln has again sponsored Spud Speedway to become the Offical Pace Car of Spud Speedway for the 2013 season. Owner, Neil Griffeth looks forward to displaying the many different lines of automobiles his company represents and sells. This will be a great addition for the fans each week as they will get to see and learn about the many choices that are available right here locally. Griffeth's dealership has a long history in the county when Ford became one of Caribou's pioneer industries in 1912. Known then as W. L. Oak Company, it was located on Sweden Street.The name was changed to Caribou Motor Company in 1919 after incorporating the name. In 1939 the company moved to Main Street, where it remained until December 1st 1989. The dealership then moved into it's current location on U.S. Route 1. Caribou Ford Mercury d.b.a. Griffeth Ford Lincoln is owned by Neal Griffeth, and has two locations; U.S. Route 1, Caribou & 213 Main Street, Presque Isle. In May 2007 Griffeth became Aroostook's favorite Mitsubishi dealer. Most recently Griffeth also aquired the Honda dealership in Presque Isle and looks to grow that business as well. Griffeth's dedicated staff, prides itself on customer satisfaction and service after the sale. We encourage you to stop in and join them anytime for good conversation a cup of coffee! If you stop by make sure to say thanks to Neil for supporting racing in the County! Without great sponsors racing wouldn't be possible.

Go Karts Coming Back To Spud Speedway

last updated on 4/2/2013

The 2013 season is coming quick to Spud Speedway, and under the continued management of Troy Haney and his staff, new things will be happening to make the show more entertaining. This year, Spud Speedway looks to go kid friendly with several events geared to get the kids involved in racing. The first big announcement is the return of Go Karts to the track in more than 20 years for a regular series that will take place each and every week. At one time karting was a staple of the 1/3 mile asphalt oval as racers cut their teeth learning how to set up a kart and race, which translates to race cars in later years. Spud Speedway is looking to make sure that everyone has a chance to learn what karting is all about by hosting a seminar at the Caribou applied Technology Vocational Center at the Caribou High School on Saturday, April 13th at 1:00. The class will take place at the Caribou FFA agriculture shop where we will have past Spud Speedway kart racer and teacher, Tom Hale on hand to answer questions about his past experiences at the track. The keynote speaker and trainer of the day will be former Aroostook County resident, Nate Anderson, owner and operator of Thundering Valley Raceway in St. Albans, Maine. Nate has great knowledge and a long history of karting all over New England and will be looking to share that knowledge with anyone who is interested in karting at Spud Speedway. Nate was born and raised in Mars Hill left shortly after being drafted in the army. Nate built his first go kart in 1967 which he raced in Centerville, New Brunswick. After a few years off, Nate got back into kart racing in 1992 with a club that raced at Wiscasset, Bangor and Unity on the big tracks. Since Maine never had a track built for karts, his wife, Marti and Nate decided to build one. The reason for them was simple as safety was the underlining reason. They located their facility in St Albans as it was centrally located in Maine and just off the interstate. This will be their fifteenth year operating Thundering Valley Raceway. As one of the first kart dealers in Maine, Nate has established a working relationship with dealers throughout the country. Nate builds engines for several tracks and sells karts throughout New England. Nate has agreed to help Spud Speedway establish proper rules and technical support to those who get involved in racing karts. Spud Speedway will be starting with 3 classes of karts. Kids Karts ages 5-7, Jr. Sportsman ages 8-12, and a Sr. Sportsman class for anyone 13 and over. If you interest in attending this seminar please preregister by emailing thaney@maine.rr.com or calling 207-227-0897 Other events this year for kids will include a few special events to include pedal bike racing and box car races for even the smallest of kids. Box car racing is where kids take a cardboard box and design it to look like a race car that goes over their shoulders and then the foot race is on. Kids will race other kids in their age group. These type of events will be expanded upon based on the popularity and participation as Spud Speedway looks to ensure a great family fun environment each and every week at Spud Speedway. The 2013 race season will start on Memorial day weekend on Saturday, May 25th at 1:00 and they hope to see everyone there!

Outlaw Racing Comes to Spud Speedway in 2013!

last updated on 3/29/2013

Do you have a Super Street, Late Model or Pro Stock race car. Check out our New Outlaw Sportsman Division rules. You can race with your car just the way it sets! Grab a new set of tires and come have a great time racing door to door on Northern Maine's Center of Speed! Outlaw Sportsman (Formally Super Streets, Late Model Sportsman, & Pro Stocks) The intent of this division is to provide a fun experience, allowing a wide variety of race cars to run without making a great amount of changes to be eligible. The basic rules shown below are limited, by design, to keep things simple. If necessary, adjustments or additions will be made to ensure competitive racing and maintain the objectives of the "Outlaw" division. 1. NO Radios allowed. 2. Maximum 8 inch steel wheels. 3. Only tires allowed are American Racer 8 inch 704s on left side & 705s on right side. NO tire softener allowed. Tires must be purchased from the authorized tire representative. If caught with tire softener you will lose all points to date. Track has the right to make stiffer penalty if deemed necessary. Once Tires leave the truck ABSOLUTLY NO RETURNS 4. Front spark plug must be in line with upper ball joint. Any engines that are set back will be penalized 10lbs per inch with a maximum set back of no more than 4 The weight must be added to the left and right front bumper area equally. This includes all Ford crate engines with a setback due to oil pan design. See diagram for weight location. Lead weights must be painted white and readily visible and available to be removed for weighing purposes. This lead may not be moved from the assigned location as far forward toward front of the frame rail as possible. The intent of this is to even out any advantages that an engine set back would have. 5. Minimum right side weight, after race, is 1250 lbs ( full chassis ) or 1350 lbs for tube chassis with stock front clip ( big spring ). Full tubular, coil-over fronts and/or wide fives or rack & pinion steering, Minimum right side weight is 1400 pounds. Quick Change rear-end is allowed. An additional 50 lbs right side weight will be required after 2 (two) feature wins. Each additional win after 2 will require an additional 30 pounds right side weight. 6. Only carburetor allowed is stock 4412 Holley. Any decisions regarding interpretation of rules are at the sole discretion of track officials and are not subject to protest.

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