Communication Done Right!

last updated on 5/19/2013

Spud Speedway would like to welcome back a very important sponsor of the track, Aroostook Tecnologies Inc. of Presque Isle. Aroostook Technologies will be the official communication provider of the track for the 2013 season. They provide many important services to the county you may not be aware of. If you need radio communication, security camera systems, Internet or satellite service, computer repair, GPS tracking, tower construction or repair, emergency lights, phone systems, or just about anything to do with technology give these folks a call. The have been providing these types of services for over 50 years right here in the county, so nobody does it better. Check out their website at www.aroostooktechnologies.com if you do business with them, tell them thanks for sponsoring our Triple Crown Day of Destruction series this year starting on June 9th featuring the first every farm truck races, demo derby, bomber racing, and so much more!

Practice Time

last updated on 5/18/2013

There will be a open practice tomorrow from 10am to 3pm on Sunday. Hope to see you all there!


last updated on 5/16/2013

RTM Racing would like to congratulate Ron & Lynn Tuck from Haynesville for winning the FREE Family Pass given by one of our sponsors! We hope that they come to Spud Speedway and have a GREAT time!

New Safer Tire Walls at Spud

last updated on 5/16/2013

A special thanks goes to Highway Tire in Caribou for delivering enough tire to construct a new tire wall around the flag stand all the way to turn one. This has allowed us to remove that section of guard rail to help prevent damage to the race cars and keep the fans safe! If you are in to Highway Tire and you are in to their store tell them thanks for supporting racing in the county.,help us let them know we appreciate it as race fans. Thanks

Outlaw Racing is Here!

last updated on 5/12/2013

Look how easy it is to go racing at Spud Speedway this year! Bring your car from any track in Maine or Canada and have fun! Coca-Cola Outlaw Sportsman Class (Formally Super Streets, Late Model Sportsman, & Pro Stocks) The intent of this division is to provide a fun experience, allowing a wide variety of race cars to run without making a great amount of changes to be eligible. The basic rules shown below are limited, by design, to keep things simple. If necessary, adjustments or additions will be made to ensure competitive racing and maintain the objectives of the "Outlaw" division. 1. Have fun! 2. Maximum 8 inch steel wheels. 3. Only tires allowed are American Racer 8 inch 704s on left side & 705s on right side. NO tire softener allowed. Tires must be purchased from the authorized tire representative. If caught with tire softener you will lose all points to date. Track has the right to make stiffer penalty if deemed necessary. Once Tires leave the truck ABSOLUTLY NO RETURNS 4. Front spark plug must be in line with upper ball joint. Any engines that are set back will be penalized 10lbs per inch with a maximum set back of no more than 4 The weight must be added to the left and right front bumper area equally. This includes all Ford crate engines with a setback due to oil pan design. See diagram for weight location. Lead weights must be painted white and readily visible and available to be removed for weighing purposes. This lead may not be moved from the assigned location as far forward toward front of the frame rail as possible. The intent of this is to even out any advantages that an engine set back would have. 5. Minimum right side weight, after race, is 1250 lbs ( full chassis ) or 1350 lbs for tube chassis with stock front clip ( big spring ). Full tubular, coil-over fronts and/or wide fives or rack & pinion steering, Minimum right side weight is 1400 pounds. Quick Change rear-end is allowed. An additional 50 lbs right side weight will be required after 2 (two) feature wins. Each additional win after 2 will require an additional 30 pounds right side weight. 6. Only carburetor allowed is stock 4412 Holley. Any decisions regarding interpretation of rules are at the sole discretion of track officials and are not subject to protest.


last updated on 5/12/2013

Spud Speedway, its employees, and all the drivers and their crews, would like to wish all the Mothers out there a very HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

Day of Destruction Triple Crown Events!

last updated on 5/12/2013

Racing season is just a couple weeks away and we would like to invite everyone with a race car to get out and enjoy our local racetrack right here in Aroostook County. This we will also be hosting one of everyone's favorite events, the Day of Destruction. We have made it bigger and better than ever before by hosting three Day of Destruction events as part of a triple crown championship series. this year each of the 3 events will have points for every finish and at the end of the season we will crown a champion of each of the events. The champion will have a trophy, a little more cash, and a whole lot of bragging rights for the entire winter! Events include something from everyone, Race Your Neighbor, Burn Out Contest, Bag Racing, Chain Racing, Tuff Trucks, Bomber Racing, Demolition Derby, and new this year Farm Truck Racing, yes we said Farm Truck Racing! The first of three events is on Sunday, June 9th at 1:00 so get your car ready, mark it on your calendar, and get ready to have some serious fun!

Practice & Meeting Time Change

last updated on 5/11/2013

Due to a personal family commitment and many drivers request for practice on Sunday instead of Saturday. We will be having practice on Sunday, May 19th at 10am to 3pm instead of a Saturday practice. Also the staff meeting will be moved to Sunday at 9am as well. We are sorry if this causes an inconvenience for anyone. Thank you


last updated on 5/2/2013

RTM Racing and one of our sponsors would like to give away a FREE FAMILY PASS, to Spud Speedway, to a deserving family that enjoys going to the races. Do you know a family like this? if so, please email me at rtmracing1@yahoo.com and tell me who they are and why you think they deserve to win a FREE FAMILY PASS.

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