2013 Champions

last updated on 9/16/2013

Congratulations to the 2013 Spud Speedway Champions! Aroostook Savings & Loan Kart Classes Kids Class - Gage Theriault Jr. Champ - Damian Theriault Sr. Champ -Tyler Raymond Aroostook Trusses Northern Lights - Shawn Dewley Peterson's Septic Service Street Stock - JR Howlett Caldwell's Sanitation Challenger Series - John Craig Percy's Auto Sales Fast Fours - Keith Thibeau Coca Cola Outlaw Sportsman - Jason Levesque

Races rescheduled to Sunday

last updated on 9/14/2013

Due to every forecasting model showing multiple times of rain today and wih Sunday looking like a great day for racing. We have decided to move our final race program to Sunday at 1:00. The schedule of events will remain the same. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, but we would like the last race of the season to be dry and pleasant for all to enjoy. Thank you and we will see you at the races tomorrow.

Spud 100 results

last updated on 9/12/2013

Spud 100 Dash for the Cash is in the Books! This past Sunday, September 8th racers and fans alike battled Mother Nature as the weather was anything but predictable. Pushing through cool temperatures, wind, 3 rain delays, including hail and all, the action on the track was fast and furious in between the weather. Racers competed for double payouts in all divisions including the Coca Cola Outlaw Sportsman Spud 100. The action began with the first 35 lap feature in the Aroostook Trusses Northern Lights division where, Shawn Dewley of Presque Isle held off a hard charging Matt Lloyd of New Brunswick and Former Champion, Galen Morrow to capture the win. The Peterson's Septic Service Street Stocks had a surprise winner as Emma Libby, from Glenburn, Maine raced her way to her 1st feature win in her new street stock car that she began racing this year. The 15 year old, started on the pole and led all 35 laps of the feature race taking the win over 2nd place Jon Dixon of Presque Isle and 3rd place racer J.R. Howlett also of Presque Isle. In the 3rd feature race of the day,the Percy's Auto Sales Fast Four Division competitor's had a little something extra to race for as there was a $10.00 per lap leader bonus for every lap led. Local racers were ready to battle it out hard for the money as the race began, but little did they know that Hudson, Maine native Donny Silva, had other plans for that. Silva piloted his was to the front of the field on lap one and never looked back once, leaving local racers, Keith Thibeau of Fort Fairfield and Nate Haney of Limestone to battle for 2nd place. Silva when on to capture the win and all of the bonus money while Thibeau finished 2nd and Haney 3rd respectfully. The fourth and final feature of the day was the Spud 100 which didn't have a large field of racers as previous years, but didn't lack of great racing. Once the Green flag dropped Aurthurette, New Brunswick's Robert Tomlinson, jumped out to take the lead and raced side by side with New Demark, New Brunswick racer Glenn Rasmussen for much of the first half of the race. Tomlinson led until lap 38 when Rasmussen to over the top spot. Tomlinson kept his car in position to get the lead back just before the halfway point to collect the halfway bonus money as he got the lead back on lap 47 and held on until the mandatory competition caution at lap 50. During the 10 minute pit stop that took place on the front stretch in front of the audience, race teams had the chance to adjust their cars, add fuel, and dial their car in for the final 50 laps of competition. During the stop, it appeared as Rasmussen and Fort Fairfield native, Connor Thibeau made so major adjustments to dial their cars in for the final 50 laps. During the second half Rasmussen showed that the adjustments made were paying off as he took over the lead on the restart and never looked back. Rasmussen fended off Tomlinson and Thibeau in the early stages of the second half and then extended a full straight away lead from the rest of the field. The only caution of the race came on lap 98 which provided the other 3 competitors on the lead lap once last chance to get by the number 81 car, but Rasmussen proved to be to strong on this day and captured the win over 2nd place Thibeau and 3rd place Tomlinson. Also finishing on the lead lap in 4th was Kris Watson piloting, Tim Reynolds car, as Watson's engine expired during practice earlier in the day. Over all a great day of racing for everyone to enjoy, despite the weather conditions. This weekend is the final race of the season and takes place Saturday at 1:00 as we will crown champions in all race divisions! Be sure to join us to see who gets the final win of the 2013 Season. Results: Aroostook Trusses Northern Lights Feature- 1. Shawn Dewley 2. Matt Lloyd 3. Galen Morrow 4. Thomas Everette 5. Kyle Wells 6. Derek Fitzpatrick Peterson's Septic Service Street Stocks Feature - 1. Emma Libby 2. Jon Dixon 3. J.R. Howlett 4. Jeff Willette 5. Matt Pellitier Percy's Auto Sales Fast Fours Feature - 1. Donny Silva 2. Keith Thibeau 3. Nate Haney 4. Ralph Levesque 5. Steve Levesque 6. J.R. Olson 7. Wayne Fox Jr. Coca Cola Outlaw Sportsman Spud 100 1. Glenn Rasmussen 2. Connor Thibeau 3. Robert Tomlinson 4. Kris Watson 5. Matt Farnham 6. Johnny Albair 7. Jason Levesque 8. Mark York 9. Tharren MacDougal

Weekend Schedule

last updated on 9/12/2013

Practice Schedule for September 14th Pits Open at 10:00 Grandstands open at 12:00 10:00-12:00 Open Practice for all classes 12:00-12:45 Kart Practice 12:15-12:30 Driver’s Meeting 12:30 Starting lineup drawing 12:50 Race line up for Northern Lights 1:00pm Race begins with Kart Heats Race Schedule 2 Heat Races - 10 Laps each class Aroostook Trusses Northern Lights Caldwell’s Sanitation Challengers Peterson’s Septic Street Stocks Percy’s Auto Sales Fast Fours Coca Cola Outlaw Sportsman - 15 laps Kart Features Features 20 Laps each Aroostook Trusses Northern Lights Caldwell’s Sanitation Challengers Peterson’s Septic Street Stocks Percy’s Auto Sales Fast Fours Coca Cola Outlaw Sportsman 30 laps Pit Crew Race 10 laps (if there is interest on race day)

Today's Winners

last updated on 9/8/2013

Congratulations to the winners today at the Dash for the Cash event. Northern Lights winner Shawn Dewley, Street Stock winner Emma Libby, Fast 4's winner Donny Silva, and the winner of the Outlaw class Spud 100, Glenn Rasmussen. Full results will be out later. Thanks to everyone that stuck it out through the awful weather today. We hope to see you next Saturday at the final race of the year at 1:00

Spud 100 Dash for Cash Today!

last updated on 9/8/2013

The radar shows the rain is all done by 8am. So we fully expect to get the races in today as planned.

Dash for Cash Sponsors List!

last updated on 9/7/2013

Spud 100 Dash for Cash Sponsors Platinum Sponsor Aroostook Beverage WAGM TV Lap Sponsors TNT Trucking/AT Racing MASTRO Motors Blue Moose Lodge Monticello Country Store A&M Auto Repair Jim’s Auto Care Kirkpatrick & Bennett Law Offices Hometown 1 Stop Hometown Fuels Al’s Dinner Big Cheese Pizza Support Division Dash for Cash Sponsors Kevin Lloyd Logging LTD Matthew Lloyd Annette & Wayne Johnston Roy Lloyd Sheila Tarr Mich's Shop Arks Conveniences Store Willam Degooyer Deans Conveniences Store Silvers RCO Derek Rioux Haney’s Lawn Care Steve’s Repair Shop Martin’s Small Engine Wilson’s Quickway A&A Ouellette Enterprises LTD Bike Riders Gift Shop Larry Rioux Pierre’s Sales & Service D.R. Autoworks John’s Wheel Alignment & Carwash RCO Michaud Equipment F.J. LaFrance Bellefleur Tire Shop L. G. Quickway Haney’s Building Specialties A special thanks goes out to all of these sponsors for helping us bring this race to the County!

Race Day Schedule

last updated on 9/6/2013

Practice Schedule for September 8th Pits Open at 8:00 Grandstands open at 12:00 8:00-9:00 Open Practice for all classes 9:00-9:15 Northern Lights 9:15-9:30 Street Stocks 9:30-9:45 Fast Fours 9:45-10:00 Outlaw Sportsman 10:00-10:15 Northern Lights 10:15-10:30 Street Stocks 10:30-10:45 Fast Fours 10:45-11:00 Outlaw Sportsman 11:00-12:00 Open Practice for all classes 12:15-12:30 Driver’s Meeting 12:30 Starting lineup drawing 12:50 Race line up for Northern Lights 1:00pm Race begins with Sponsors Parade Race Schedule Heat Races - 10 Laps each We will divide the racers into 2 heats with odd number drawing in one and even number in the other. How you finish the heat will determine your starting position in the feature. If you draw an odd number and win the heat you will be on the pole. Aroostook Trusses Northern Lights Peterson’s Septic Street Stocks Percy’s Auto Sales Fast Fours Coca Cola Outlaw Sportsman - 15 laps Features 35 Laps each Aroostook Trusses Northern Lights Peterson’s Septic Street Stocks Percy’s Auto Sales Fast Fours ($10.00 per lap leader bonus) National Anthem and Driver introductions Coca Cola Outlaw Sportsman Spud 100 There will be a mandatory pit stop on the front stretch for fuel and adjustments only. It will be a timed 10 minute stop. All pit stops must be made on the front stretch. Any car going into the pits during this caution will be dq’d There will be a $200.00 half way leader bonus.

Spud 100 Dash for Cash!

last updated on 9/4/2013

The Outlaw Sportsman Spud 150 is changing format, to allow more teams to race without purchasing tires and we are also creating a new event in the process for the support divisions called the 1st Annual Dash for Cash at Spud Speedway. We have had a large volume of interest from the support classes looking to come try out our track so here is a special race just for those classes. Each class will have a 35 lap feature and we will double the top prize for each class. Northern Lights -$300.00 to win Street Stocks - $400.00 to win Fast Fours - $500.00 to win plus $10.00 per lap bonus for the leader THIS WILL BE AN OPEN RACE TO ANY CAR FITTING SPEEDWAY 95, UNITY, WISCASSETT, SPEEDWAY 660, AND SPUD SPEEDWAY RULES. EVERY DRIVER WILL DRAW FOR A STARTING POSITION IN THE HEAT AND THE FINISH IN THE HEAT WILL DETERMINE THE STARTING POSITION Dash For Cash Spud 100 Outlaw Sportsman Rules Super Streets, Sportsman, Late Model Sportsman, & Pro Stocks The intent of this race is to provide a fun experience, allowing a wide variety of race cars to run without making a great amount of changes to be eligible. The basic rules shown below are limited, by design, to keep things simple. If necessary adjustments or additions will be made to ensure competitive racing and maintain the objectives of the "Outlaw" division. 1. HAVE FUN! 2. Maximum 8 to 10 inch steel wheels. 3. Only tires allowed are American Racer 8 inch 704’s on left side & 705’s on right side. NO tire softener allowed. Tires must be purchased from the tracks authorized tire representative. If caught with tire softener you will be disqualified. Once Tires leave the truck, ABSOLUTLY NO RETURNS. We will have tires on hand at the track for purchase! 4. Front spark plug must be in line with upper ball joint. Any engines that are set back will be penalized 10lbs per inch with a maximum set back of no more than 4” The weight must be added to the left and right front bumper area equally. This includes all Ford crate engines with a setback due to oil pan design. See diagram in our rule book for weight location. Lead weights must be painted white and readily visible and available to be removed for weighing purposes. This lead may not be moved from the assigned location as far forward toward front of the frame rail as possible. The intent of this is to even out any advantages that an engine set back would have 5. Minimum right side weight, is 1250 lbs ( full chassis ) or 1350 lbs for tube chassis with stock front clip ( big spring ). Full tubular, coil-over fronts and/or wide fives or rack & pinion steering, minimum right side weight is 1400 pounds. There will be a weight allowance for fuel after the race. All cars must weigh in prior to racing. Quick Change rear-end is allowed. 6. Only carburetor allowed is stock 4412 Holley. Any decisions regarding interpretation of rules are at the sole discretion of track officials and are not subject to protest. There will be an open practice on Saturday, September 7th from 9am until 4pm. Admission for practice is $10.00 per person for the day. The pit gate will open at 8am Sunday morning and the qualifying heats will start at 1pm. This race will be 100 laps and we will have a pit stop at 50 laps on the front stretch for 10 minutes and teams may change up to 2 tires, add fuel, and make any necessary adjustments. There will be a 1/2 way leader bonus of $200.00 There will be a $25.00 per car entry fee unless you preregister before August 31st. The official payout structure will be: 1st $1,000 2nd $500 3rd $300 4th $250 5th $200 6th $150 7th $150 8th $150 9th $150 10th $150 11-28th $100 All Prize money is guaranteed! If more racers show up than expected we will increase the program to benefit the racers!

5th Annual Spud 150 Set to Roll!

last updated on 8/30/2013

The neighborhood is going to get a little noisier for one special day in Caribou on Sunday, September 8th as the 5th Annual Spud 150 is set to roll. The Spud 150 has been a great race each of the 4 years before with great late model racers from all the state of Maine, making their way to the County, to try to win their share of the $10,000 purse. Over the past 4 years, two racers that come from the St. John Valley have ended up in the top spot, taking their car to victory lane. Shawn Martin and Austin Theriault have each won 2 of the 4 races as they have taken on some of Maine's toughest Late Model Racers. This year, track owner Troy Haney looks to shake things up a little as he has applied a new set of rules to the Spud 150 format. This year the Spud 150 will adopt an "Outlaw" style rule package which will allow for more styles of race cars to compete for their share of the $10,000 purse. The new rule package allows Super Streets, Sportsman, Late Models, and Pro Stocks to race against each other. This is a rule package that Spud Speedway adopted at the beginning of the 2013 season and they couldn't be happier with the outcome. This year the Speedway has had an 8 car field comprised of 2 Prostocks, 3 Late Models, and 3 Super Streets all competing door to door each and every week. They have had 8 races with 5 different winners and all style cars have one, which proves the rule package provides great side by side racing. In the past we have only allowed Late Models to compete and we always had between 20 to 25 cars racing. With this new rule package in place it will open the door for racers from all over Maine and Canada to compete. We are in hopes to have more than the 28 car field show up to qualify to race which will create some great qualifying races that should be very exciting. One other aspect this race creates, is a chance to see Canadian racers competing against Maine racers, kind of an American/Canadian showdown if you will! Along with the Spud 150, Spud Speedway will have an open rule format in 3 other divisions. They will be racing extended lap races in their Percy's Auto Fast 4's, Peterson's Septic Street Stocks, and the Aroostook Trusses Northern Lights. The rules will allow any racer that conforms with the rules at Speedway 95, Unity Raceway, Wiscassett Raceway, and Fredricton's Speedway 660 to compete with out changing their cars. Spud Speedway is holding this "open" format of racing in hopes of getting great turn outs of racers involved in this annual one time a year event. Local racing is about having fun and providing racers with a place to get together with others that share the same interests, for the fans, this format should create an awesome day of racing that anyone is sure to enjoy! With all the rain this season that has hampered many of the events this season, all race tracks need your support to ensure they can continue to bring local racing to your community each and every summer. Spud Speedway is extending an invitation to everyone to help them make this a great success that can help them build towards the 50th year Anniversary 2014 Season. All the action starts on Sunday, September 8th at 1:00pm. Admission is only $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for kids ages 5-16. If you are interested in finding out more information about this race go to: www.spud-speedway.com

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